Fig French Sugar

Figs are easy to grow in most parts of New Zealand from Marlborough to Northland.  The main crop ripens in late summer but the French Sugar fig tree has a small early crop of large figs that ripen in Dec - Jan and a main crop of smaller figs that ripen around March.    

If you have trouble ripening a late crop of figs try French Sugar and may at least get the early crop to ripen.   French Sugar fig has green skin which develops a brown/purple hue when ripe and the flesh is pink/purple.

The French Sugar fig tree will grow to 4-5m tall and wide but can be pruned in winter when the sap is not flowing.   Figs are self fertile so no pollinator is required.  

Figs tolerate a variety of soil conditions and once established are low maintenance trees that are not disease prone and do not require heavy spraying or pruning regime.   Branches can can be trained along fences or trellises in winter when the sap is not flowing.

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