Mandarin Miho



The Miho Mandarin is our Kiwi mother natures cold cure.   It ripens just when the winter lurgies come out of the cupboard in June / July giving a much needed fresh boost of Vit C.    We are lucky enough to have inherited a mature Miho tree in our garden and it would be at least 3m high and wide (after 20 years) and completely laden with fruit each season.

We've not done a lot to it, no pruning, just the odd pack of citrus fertiliser applied around the base when we remember.   It is a vigorous cold tolerant tree which reliably produces huge volumes of easy-peeling small to medium sized fruit.   When we had the grapefruit tree next to the Miho the fruit was full of seeds but since the grapefruit met an unhappy demise the Miho has been seedless.

A handful of these a day from the tree keeps the Dr. away over winter.