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    Country Trading Co. is a supply store for those who want to live a simple and self-reliant life. In 2008, Heather Cole noticed how hard it was to source quality, practical supplies for her kitchen and garden and Country Trading Co. was born. Since then our ambition has been to develop really great things that help other growers and makers in their endeavors.

    Wherever you live, town or country, we can help you grow and preserve your harvest and make beautiful cheese, butter, and yogurt in your own kitchen. With our modern take on time-honored growing and preserving traditions, we want to help you slow down and connect with the food you feed yourself and the ones you love.

    We value living simple, having less and enjoying more. We don’t shout about being an eco-friendly business, but going easy on the planet is a nice bonus of leading a healthier, self-reliant life. You tend to consume more local unprocessed goods and generate less waste along the way. We live these values and we help others to do the same.

    Over the years these values haven’t changed. We refuse to stock cheap, over-packaged products that serve no practical purpose and break at the first turn. Suppliers we work with, share our values. When we develop or select products we use them, learn how they work and make sure they are practical, sustainable and sturdy.

    Thanks for your interest. When we are not sack racing around the warehouse, we're happy to hear from you. Please contact us or visit the media resources on our website to learn more about Country Trading Co.